Monday, August 6, 2012

ThredUp Part Three - I Got Paid

See ThredUp Part One and Part Two.

I got paid!

It didn't take much more than one week to receive my payout. I got a notification via e-mail, where they had a link to my account. I could either leave my money there to use towards a purchase or transfer it to Paypal. I transferred it.

One thing I didn't realize is that they take out their Paypal fee from your was $0.45 in my case...a 2% fee.

I got paid out $22.65 (minus $0.45).

Not bad and better than what I'd have gotten in a garage sale.

I sent in 27 items and they accepted 20 of them. The other 7 had stains - which I totally believe because it's amazing how little we can actually see in our lighting. I remember taking items into the local consignment shop where they'd hold up this light and find all kinds of grease stains. Ug.

So I was pretty pleased with my pay out and the whole process.

I ordered another bag since they are still waiving their $4.95 bag deposit (which is fully refunded when they receive the bag back) and I'll be going through more of Marshal's clothes. I have a feeling as he gets older and rougher on clothes that I'll have less to send in, but at least if I can get a few bucks it will help buy more clothes for him.

I definitely recommend using ThredUp! Also, get $5 toward your first purchase if you sign up through the link here on my blog.

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