Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chief for a Day 2012

My friend Raeann sent me an e-mail a few days ago with a link to the event "Chief for a Day" ... noting that it was free and open to the public. What better event to take Marshal to...free pony rides, a helicopter, fire trucks, and all sorts of law enforcement people and vehicles. Pure heaven!

Staying Cool

Pony Rides

Practicing to be a Fireman!

Scary small talking police car

Ice cream kind of day with goofy mommy

Daddy's favorite picture

This event wasn't just for kids to have fun...it was to honor those special kids who have either a terminal illness or a chronic disease. Those kids are TOUGH and so sweet. 

Here's the State Patrol Chief for a Day:

If you want to donate to this great cause, check out their Facebook page.

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