Monday, August 13, 2012

Saving $268 at Fred Meyer

I went on a little shopping spree on Saturday at Fred Meyer...partly to get out of the house and have some alone time before hubby went to work...partly to let them daddy and Marshal have some bonding time...and mostly to score some great deals.

As I mentioned earlier, Fred Meyer is having a great promotion where we get the employee discounts. This includes Fred Meyer/Kroger brand items. Pair this up with clearance items, which are 50% off the lowest marked price, and we're talking some great savings.

My favorite scores...

  • Columbia kids jacket - reg. $45 - clearance $29.97 - 50% off = $14.99 - Employee discount 20% ($3) = $11.99 SCORE!
  • Thomas the Train Farm Set (Fischer Price Little Tykes) Reg. $29 - clearance $22.37 - 50% off = $11.19 - Employee Discount 15% ($1.68) = $9.51 This is for Marshal's birthday.
  • Carter's Toddler Boots - Reg. $35 - clearance $29.97 - 50% off = $14.99 - Employee discount 20% ($3) = $11.99! These are for winter as they are a size too big but he definitely needed them. 

Those aren't even half of the great deals I got, including clothes for me.

I hit the clearance bin for canned foods and got some great deal on refried beans, Campbells soups, and Nalley Chile. It all tastes the same, dents or not.

Everything I bought, aside from some candy bars (*grin*) we needed and will use. Especially Marshal's clothes since I'm going through and getting rid of lots of 2Ts. All of his jackets are too small, so the jacket was an especially nice find.

In all I spent $195 on $463 worth of groceries, clothes, and toys...a savings of over 57%. I am pleased!

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