Saturday, August 11, 2012

JBLM Air Show 2012

A couple of weekends ago hubby, Marshal, and I braved the crowds to check out the Joint Base Lewis McChord Airshow. We went two years ago and had a blast, but Marshal wasn't even quite one year old at that point and while he did enjoy himself there were only so many things he could participate in.

I am amazed to see what a difference two years can make.

Now, at almost three, he was definitely more interested. We had an absolute blast watching the planes and helicopters flying over our heads. There were historic planes there, including a B2 bomber flying overhead on their through doing practice maneuvers. It was awesome!

Thunderbirds - They were AMAZING!!!
Look out bad guys!

My son the future pilot?

It was a lot of fun, even with a semi-grouchy little boy.

They really do need to work on their logistics for getting people in and out. They only had six or seven check in stations where they were searching all bags and wanding every person who came through. We met a couple who waited over an hour in line just to get in. We got there a little later than when it opened so it only took us 20 minutes or so.

On the way out we waited over an hour to catch the bus back to our car. It was hot and I was sun burned. Marshal was a total champ though and we managed to keep him entertained. We got on the bus (a yellow school bus) with standing room only and he thought that was the coolest part of the whole day and had the other passengers cracking up at his excitement.

Ah, youth.

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