Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Albertsons Savings Trip

Before heading to the gym, I ran to Albertsons to get some of the deals I'd scouted last night. I saved 56% on my bill and got FREE toothpaste, pasta, and two tooth brushes.

The yogurt was $0.33 a piece. The candy was cheap too...$0.19 a piece! The skittles are going on a trip with five kids tomorrow. :)

I'm trying to stock up on soda as much as possible...Labor day should bring some great sales and then it generally isn't on sale again until Memorial day.

The string cheese was $1.99 (a huge savings ... at Winco, the cheapest I've found it, it's $3.68).

All in all I was thrilled with my out of pocket of $43 for over $100 worth of groceries.

This round UP thing is awesome...I hope they do it more often!

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