Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pit Bulls - America's Sweethearts

Apparently, "Pit Bulls" (which is a ubiquitous term for many different dogs) used to be a very popular breed in America

"During the first half of the 20th century, Pit Bulls were the closest thing the United States had to a national dog.  They were featured on U.S. recruiting posters in World Wars I and II, prominently featured as corporate mascots and cast as the ideal family dog in television and movies."
I have yet to meet a "mean" Pit Bull but I admit I'm very cautious around them. And I would be very nervous for Marshal to be around one...even if I knew them well.

Even though I know in my head that a Pit is no more vicious as a breed than Huskies (who CAN be mean if not raised properly), I've obviously been affected by the media's portrayal (my entire life) of Pits as scary, aggressive, dangerous dogs.

Any dog can be dangerous. If you don't train and exercise a Siberian Husky, they can be incredibly damaging and potentially aggressive...and Huskies have VERY powerful jaws. Maybe not as powerful as Pit but strong enough to snap bones.

I would love to adopt a Pit, but honestly I don't know that I'd ever be able to get myself to relax. The potential for all that power to turn and bite scares me for my son. It's not logical and it isn't even a fear shown true by statistics. But it's still a fear I have.

If we didn't have Marshal, or if he were older, I think I'd be more okay with it. And if we raised one from a puppy it would make me feel better too.

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