Monday, August 20, 2012

Savings at Target - Saving Over $110

I had SOOOO much fun at Target on Sunday. Checking Facebook on my phone paid off big time...saw a post by one of my favorite savings gals who pointed out a great sale on Lunchmeat, Kraft Singles, and Mio Water Enhancers. She also pointed to a new coupon over at Coupon Network for $1 off one Oscar Meyer* and $1 off one Kraft Singles*. AND there is a coupon for $1 off Mio Water Enhancer* which hubby has decided he likes.

The bread and cheese weren't just on sale...but if you buy two you get FREE bread. And I love free. The Mio deal was buy three and get a $5 gift card.

I got four free loaves of bread (good bread...not the cheapy stuff) and spent $14.32 for six things of Oscar Meyer lunchmeat and two large packages of Kraft Singles cheese (hubby likes them). Oscar Meyer lunchmeat is $2.99 at Walmart typically (the cheapest I can find) and the Kraft Singles are generally at least $3 or $4 for the size they are selling. The bread is usually about $3. So, using coupons and getting free bread I saved *at least* $22 just on these items alone.

The Mio deal netted me two $5 gift cards. I paid $2.79 per Mio...$16.74 for six of them and I earned $10 in gift cards, which I applied to another order later in the day.

Some of my other favorite deals...

Disposable BIC Razors
Papermate Pens

Kids Toothpaste ($0.28)
Fruit Snacks ($0.50)
Schick Hydro Razors ($3.99 after $4 off coupons) - buy two get a $5 gift card

Using my $20 in gift cards I was able to get my allergy pills (6 months supply - $35.99) as well as a Phillips Grooming Tool ($14.99) and a couple other items for a total out of pocket of $35!

I saved over $110 between the three different orders I did. Fun times!

* Click on the red Coupon Network banner on the right hand side to get these coupons. You can print two of each coupon. 

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