Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Fun Target Trip - Free Pens, Crayons, Markers, Air Freshener

Sometimes when I know there's a great deal at Target I can barely wait to get there...my coupons start burning a hole in my pocket!

I headed over there today to get some free stuff including...

  • Scotch Tape (I actually "made" $0.25 on this one)
  • 10 Pack of Pens
  • Rose Art Markers (two packs) and a pack of crayons
  • 3 Glade Air Fresheners ($2.99 - $3 coupon)

That was just the free stuff.

He LOVED his new Cars socks...I couldn't resist getting them even though they weren't on sale and I did not have a coupon. 

Then there were the great deals.

  • 3 Glade Oil Diffusers - Regular $5.99 - $5 coupon = $0.99 each
  • Hanes boys undies and socks - $5 off three coupon (If you buy the Hanes socks for $5 a pack you can get three packs for $10) - I got two packs of undies and one pack of socks for $17.92 (which is good for his undies and socks)
  • V-8 Juice - Reg $3 - Sale price $2.50 - Coupon $1/2 = $2 each
  • V-8 Canned Juice - Reg $2.99 - Sale $2.50 - Coupon $1/1 = $1.50 each (Even better deal if I'd found my Target coupon for $1/2...they'd be $1 for a 4 pack)

I got a few other items including a shirt that was on clearance and I had a coupon.

In total I saved $56 on items that we will use and are needed. Not too shabby!

BUT...in reviewing my receipt I see that I was overcharged for the deodorant. It was on the shelf marked $2.34 (or something like that) and I was charged full price. So when I swing back in I'll take it with me and ask for a price adjustment. Or a refund. :)

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