Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Recent Deals at Walmart

Emergency in the Casto household...hubby was out of creamer! Oh how did he manage to survive the two days it took me to get him some?

Thankfully I had several coupons for Baily's Coffee Creamer. It's only $1.88 at Walmart and with a $1 off coupon I got 4 of them for $0.88 each!

There are currently Mott's coupons for $1.00 off one making them $0.98 at Walmart. (Click the Printable Coupons.com link above to find this one.)

The Johnsonville sausage patties are new and for a whole big box of them, regular $6.98, minus a $2 printable coupon, I'll try them for $4.98. That's a lot of meat and hubby likes meat. This coupon is also available above.

I saved exactly $10 on this Walmart order.

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