Monday, August 27, 2012

Coupon Savings - Walgreens, Target, Fred Meyer 8/26/12

Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest...and I fail miserably every single Sunday. If God wanted me to rest, he shouldn't have invented coupons! hee hee

My first stop, before anyone else was awake, was Walgreens to try out the Kraft Catalina NOT try this at home. If you are a new couponer this deal with frustrate the heck out of you. Some folks are reporting that they aren't getting the Catalina at the end of their order. I didn't have that problem. But the Kraft dressing was ringing up full price even though it was supposed to only be 2/$4. I was over charged by over $7 and had to go back later to get it fixed...also not fun.

The deal finally worked. I got everything pictured above, plus some Scotch pop up tape, for less than $13 and two Kraft Velveeta Shells & Cheese not pictured. The Stayfree were free (but also weren't ringing up correctly so had to be adjusted). I used the $10 catalina from the Kraft products to purchase the Cortizone, cotton balls, q-Tips, and four suckers. 

I'll be headed back to Walgreens later this week to get some more FREE Velveeta Shells & Cheese. 

Then I went to Dollar Tree to pick up newspapers...Dollar Tree JUST started taking manufacturers coupons as of Sunday. I expected it to be insane...but I was actually the first person to use coupons there. Woohoo! I win!

I didn't clear the shelves...I got two Dial soaps for $0.65 each, plus my three papers.

After church I clipped coupons for a bit and then headed out again....starting with Target.

My first two orders had me spending about $20 for everything. I loved the deal on the Method cleaning solution...regular $3 something and I got each one for $0.69! The Starkist pouches (ready for sandwiches) were $0.44 each. The Hershey's Simple Pleasures were free. I love free. 

My final deal at Target actually paid me!

Then on to Fred Meyer where I needed a few groceries but also was excited because their Glade candles were 50% off...$1.69 a piece. I had an e-coupon for Buy One, Get One (BOGO) free plus a bunch of other coupons for $1 off each candle. All told, I spent $0.69 on each candle and I got 12 of them. LOVE the Glade candles...they smell SOOOO scrumptious. 

The Classico sauce was $0.19 and the Palmolive was $0.61.
Thank goodness I love going to grocery stores. Target is my Nirvana. =) I spent less than $100 today (quite a bit less...closer to $60) on everything from all three stores. Not too shabby.

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