Friday, August 10, 2012

It's Like Alex Rodriguez Calling to Chat with a T-Ball Player

Yup...that's how I felt when Scott from Gerard Scott Designs called me Tuesday afternoon. Stunned disbelief followed by joy followed by nervousness. He talked with me for THIRTY minutes. Seriously. Me!

I'd sent him an e-mail earlier in the day to get his opinion. My grandfather is in a home for folks with Alzheimers and dementia so the lapidary stuff he left me in his will is being cleaned up and brought to my house now. I wanted to know what Scott thought ... should I try to learn how to cut stones? Where would I even start? Are the machines worth keeping and using?

I'll never be able to get the stunning results he does...again...he's Picasso and I'm a 6 year old with finger paints. I follow his work on Facebook and am in awe of his Stone of the Day...every single day!

Intricate Lavic Siding Moss Agate Cabochon by Gerard Scott Designs

I went to my Grandpa's house to help my mom and her siblings clean up. My responsibility is the rock room...I have to move everything out and bring it home. I didn't even get halfway through it in seven hours. And I was SORE!

He and grandma were rock hounds back in the day. Some of the stones they have are so incredibly beautiful, they are just screaming to be cut into something gorgeous to be shown off. Nature is an amazing artist.

Just a couple of the stones I would love to someday transform into wearable art, from my grandma and grandpa's collection:

Some sort of Jasper? Agate? I can see it cut and polished in my mind!

Pretty sure this is an Agate of some sort.

No clue what stone this is.
It will take me a year to go through and figure out all that my grandparents had...but hopefully I'll get to learn and continue their amazing artistry.

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