Monday, July 16, 2012

threadUP - Earn Cash from Your Used Kids Clothes

Ever wonder what to do with the clothes your son or daughter wore a week ago that don't fit them any longer? You can have a garage sale and get pennies...I know I was selling pants and shirts for $0.50 a piece at my last garage sale.

You can try Craig's list but that will require photographing, listing, and mailing. There's also eBay but you have the same issues...and fees.

I was reading a magazine and saw a little blurb about a way to earn a few extra dollars and clean out your kid's closet. They do it all for you...price, photograph, and ship to the buyers. And you get cash!

Go to threadUP and through this link get a $5 credit off your first order.

I ordered a bag to send some of Marshal's clothes in and I'll let you know how the process goes. I also ordered a few of shirts. I spent less than $20. There's no cost to send clothes in to threadUP (they have a refundable deposit of $4.95 for their bags...but you get it back when you return the bag). When I ordered they had a special so there wasn't even a deposit.

This is a great idea and I am looking forward to sending in some of Marshal's nicer, outgrown clothes.

Part Two.

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