Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Where Was God?

Man is truly fallen. We were created by a loving praise and worship him. But we are selfish and imperfect. And some of us are overtaken with evil.

The man who gunned down a movie theater was one of those...evil. God does not create these situations. We are free beings...with free will. His will was to kill and create chaos and fear.

Some people question whether God is real when these situations happen. I question whether God is real sometimes too. It's a hard thing to fathom. A God who loves us so much...but lets these horrible things happen.

All I know is that God loves us, truly, completely. We cannot know his ways or his plan for us. There's no sense that can be made from this horrible act of evil.

From someone who was in the theater and who praises God for her and her family's survival, it's obvious that many were spared in this horrible event...even though some were lost.

Some of the comments from this woman's blog post still doubt or refuse to acknowledge God's presence. I find that very sad.

Here is another survivor's story...truly a miracle of God.

Yes, horrible, evil, illogical things happen. But that doesn't mean God doesn't exist.

This is a great book for people with scientific questions.

God bless and heal all those affected by this terrible act of evil.

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