Saturday, July 21, 2012

In Darkness There is Light

My women's bible study is studying the book of John and we'll be in it for several months. I will admit - I didn't realize that John the Baptist and the author John were two different people. *face palm*

In the beginning of John, it talks about Jesus being the light. During our weekly study we got to talking about light and dark.

I can't remember which of the lovely ladies said it, but someone said that there is never enough dark to overcome a light. In other words, even the teeniest, tiniest pin prick of light will show up no matter how much "dark" you throw at it. If you are in a pitch black room even something normally invisible - like a fire alarm light - can seem bright as the sun.

A couple evenings later I was sitting in the kitchen, late at night, waiting for some bread to finish baking. I decided to use the quiet time to open my bible and continue my study.

All the lights in the house were off, except in the kitchen. I was surrounded by darkness and it made the kitchen lights seem brighter than usual. And our conversation came back to me. No matter how much darkness surrounds me, there is light right here in front of me. No matter how bad things are in my life, a single blessing can mean everything. And Jesus is the single light that will guide me and never go out, no more how much darkness weighs me down.

The world can be a very dark place. And it seems that the darker it gets in the world the brighter the light of Jesus becomes.

I'm no biblical scholar, but it makes sense to me.

John 1:9 Jesus is the true light that enlightens every man.


  1. Jesus taught simple things becasue there are so many things He created to show us what He is like. All that's required is an open heart, like He is creating in you...thanks for your thoughtful post.

  2. Thanks, Rayna. :) I need simple!