Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Boy's First Boat Ride

Marshal loves all things, cars, trucks, trains, planes, and boats. He'd never been on a boat so on our Seattle trip we took the King County Water Taxi. It's a walk on cars. And it wasn't cheap, but since they were holding the Gay Pride parade downtown, driving was NOT an option. It cost $4 one way per person...$8 round trip. But it was a lot faster than driving, fighting traffic, and finding parking.

And the memories are priceless.

Looking down at the jelly fish on the dock.

Getting on the boat!
Exciting first trip!
Start your engines!
Goodbye Alki.
Here we come Seattle waterfront. The new Ferris Wheel is really neat.
The main reason we made the trip to Seattle - hubby had a shift providing police protection for these two oil rigs (drills) being repaired. Pretty neat to see them up close.

Next, Marshal wants to fly in a plane. :)

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