Monday, July 9, 2012

Sunday Shopping Savings

Some days I'm on a roll when it comes to motivation and couponing. Sunday was one of those days.

I went out before church and bought three papers from the dollar store. I saved $3 by not buying the $2 papers from the grocery store. It wasn't a super exciting coupon week but there were definitely some I will use - like the Huggies pull ups and wipes coupons. We're still in that stage.

After church I sat down for less than an hour and got some coupons clipped and matched up to ads. My plan was to head to Target because I had a bunch of Target store coupons expiring next week that I wanted to use if I could.

I spent less than $55 at Target and $19 of that was for the Jumbo pack of Pull Ups.

My favorite deals...

Schick Hydro Razer
Reg. $9.49
Sale $8
Target coupon $2 off
Manufacturer Coupon $4 off
Final Price $2

Razors are expensive! I love when I can get good ones at a great price. It's not free, but still a great deal.

Huggies Pull Ups
Reg. $19.99
Sale $19.00
Manufacturer Coupon $2 off
Target Coupon Buy Pull Ups get Free Car Toy (value $7.49!)
Final Price $17.00 plus  $7.49 free toy!

Marshal said it was his favorite toy. :)

Oscar Mayer lunch meat
Reg. $2.99
Sale 3 for $8
Target Coupon Buy 3 Get One Free
Manufacturer Coupon $1 off 2 (two coupons)
Final Price $6 for Four Oscar Mayer lunch meats (9 oz) ($1.50 a piece!...less than $2.67 a pound when you do the math).

I also scored some kids plates and bowls for $0.30 a piece. One of my other favorite scores was a jar of Pasta sauce and a box of Pasta for $0.50 a piece.

Last but not least I got Breyers Ice Cream for $2 a piece (1.5 qts) using Target and Manufacturer coupons. YUMMY!

I think I saved over $33 doing some rough math. One thing I know...I can't wait for Marshal to be completely potty trained!