Friday, July 6, 2012

Store Bought or Home Made

Last Saturday I made homemade pizza. It occurred to me as I pulled together the ingredients that it may not always be cheaper to make things from scratch.

At WinCo the pizza dough is $1.48. I made my own dough using the bread machine and this recipe. I have NO idea how to calculate the cost of this but if I had to estimate I'd say it was less than $1.48.

A pack of shredded cheese costs on average $2 depending on where you buy it. Obviously if we shredded our own it may cost a little less, but honestly I hate shredding cheese. My arm always gets tired.

I bought a pack of Canadian bacon for $1.98. We already had pepperoni in the fridge. If I'd needed to buy that it would be around $4.

I'll say $0.75 for the sauce - normally I use spaghetti sauce (yes, I know...totally lame) which is about $2 a jar but this time I used canned tomato sauce and added spices.

Add it up and you've got a gorgeous, yummy, delicious pizza for about $8 (give or take). WinCo had a pizza ready to throw in the oven for $6.99. It didn't look as appetizing and had things on it that we'd pick off. It took longer to make our own pizza but the taste and knowledge of exactly what is in and on it is worth it to me.

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