Tuesday, July 24, 2012

ThredUp - Part Two

I wrote about ThredUp recently. This is Part Two of what I think will be a three part series.

ThredUp is a website that sells kids gently used clothing...which they buy from families like mine. I purchased three shirts in my first order, along with their clothing bag to send clothes back to them to sell.

The three shirts I ordered were absolutely perfect...in nearly new condition but not at new prices. I paid about $15 total (including shipping) for these three shirts. They wrap them up nicely too.

He LOVES the Fire truck shirt.

Also included was the bag to stuff with clothes to send back...it is HUGE!!!

I'm not sure why Blogger won't upload the photo the way I've edited it. Hopefully you can tell how big this is...24 x 28 inches.

I fit:

Tilt your head to the right.

  • 3 pairs of shoes
  • 13 Shirts/Sweaters
  • 6 Pants
  • 3 Vests
  • 2 Light Jackets

And I could have fit even more in!

Most of the clothes I sent in were Gymboree, Carters, Gap, and a few miscellaneous ones. They do NOT accept Garanimals, Faded Glory, and other lower end brands. Which is too bad because I have a really nice Garanimals shirt that's really great quality and condition. But I still had plenty to send in.

Again, tilt your head to the right.

All in all it was very easy to get all this done...although I did dust off the iron and get some of the bigger wrinkles out of the clothes. Marshal asked me what I was doing...he's never seen me do it before!

Part III of this series will come after I get my bag sent off and find out what my payment will be. Stay tuned!

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