Thursday, July 12, 2012

Become a Field Agent

And I'm not talking about the FBI.

I can't remember where I heard about this, but I've been a participant since March 2011. The basics of Field Agent ... you open the app, select a job that looks good to you, and go for it...earn cash money.

In a little over a year I've earned over $100...over half of that has been in the last month. I started checking the app more often and I think they've had more jobs available.

If you have a smart phone, simply download the Field Agent app and start earning. Obviously the more urban environment the more tasks available. I live in a mostly suburban area and there are several jobs available each month.

A job can be as simple as going to a store like Walmart and snapping a single photo or as complex as buying something and answering questions. The amount offered varies per job, depending on the complexity. The highest amount I've earned was $9. The lowest was $2.10.

The only time I take a job is when it is convenient or worth it for me to do so...if a job is 20 miles away and pays $4 it's obviously not worth it. But if there is a $10 job that requires a few minutes of travel I will try to find another errand to do that makes it a multi-tasking event.

Remember to read every instruction carefully. I had a $10 job rejected because I rushed it and didn't take all the proper pictures. Totally my fault. They have clients who have specific requests and standards. 

It's not a full time job and isn't a ton of money but it's extra cash. It's as easy as one click on the Field Agent website to get paid out...I try to wait until I have at least $20 or more before having my funds transferred to my Paypal account.

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