Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Mother's Dilemma

On Friday I worked from home and kept Marshal with me. I asked him first thing that morning if he wanted to go to Nanny's or stay home and he said he wanted to stay home. Which was great...I thought it would be a nice change and I do try to give our daycare provider a break at least once a week. She does SO much for us and is so flexible...she is essentially another grandma to him and he adores her.

Marshal with Anne at his Dedication at church.
After an hour or so he starts asking to go to Nanny's house. I didn't get offended or upset...I asked him why. He said "Because I love Nanny"...which is so super sweet and I love that he loves her. But it did make me kind of sad. I asked if he loved mommy and he said he did but he wanted to go to nanny's house..

Now the question is...is it a good thing that he's comfortable and happy at Nanny's house or is it horrible that he doesn't want to be home with his mommy (and daddy who also happened to be home).

I will say that by the end of the day he was fine being home with me. We went to the gym together (he gets to go to their daycare and has a blast) and we went to the neighbors for an impromptu barbecue. 

He's been going to her house since he was 3 months old so it isn't like this is some stranger. She truly is part of our lives. If it weren't for her I'd never have been able to work. But is it a good thing that I've been working?  My son calls me nanny half the time...especially at the end of the day after being at her house. 

I enjoy my job a lot. It gives me personal satisfaction most of the time. Most importantly, it provides me the flexibility to take days off, work at home, go in late, leave early, and in general be my own boss as long as the work gets done. It's the kind of flexibility I need and thrive with. 

Striking the right balance between work and home is difficult though. And Friday was just another example of the trouble with working outside the home. *sigh*

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