Monday, July 2, 2012

Seattle Aquarium

In addition to going to the zoo last weekend, Marshal, hubby, Aunt Jennifer, and I went to the Seattle Aquarium. Another expensive outing.  Adults cost $19.95. Kids from 3 to 12 cost $13.95. Ouch. We had three adults, one kid, and the free boy.

Next time we visit Seattle we may have to buy a City Pass to save money on all these activities. If you are visiting and planning visits to these attractions, definitely consider the City Pass.

Once in the Aquarium Marshal had a blast looking at all the different fish. There was a wave tank that mimicked the waves. And we all found the Octopus to be fascinating. This beauty was definitely showing off.

They had tons of attractions for kids to touch real sea life...but Marshal wasn't having any of least at first. He would NOT put his hand into the water at first. After a good thirty minutes, after we went outside of the main room, he did experiment with the water.

I was enamored with the sea otters...they are SO cool and cute.

Thankfully my sister in law and I both had cameras. For every photo she took, I had one that didn't turn out...and vice versa. Her sea horse photos turned out amazing!

All in all, the Aquarium was great. I wish they had a whale or big shark. Marshal wasn't that excited about the big fish dome where you could see the fish all around you, but he did LOVE seeing the divers inside the of the guys even played peek a boo with him. All the staff were friendly and well informed - answering our questions and explaining the attractions.

We'll go back...if we can get a discount somewhere.

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