Saturday, June 30, 2012

Looking for Healthy, Easy Recipes

One of the biggest challenges I'm finding in living within our means...inexpensive meals that are also healthy. I could cook pasta every night and nothing else but that's not very healthy. Meat is expensive, more and more so lately it seems.

And while I could eat the same thing every night for weeks and not get bored, hubby is less easy going...apparently he prefers variety.

Oh and of course there's the little guy. Out of all the recipes I've tried lately he has maybe liked two of them...maybe.

So how do you keep a three year old happy, making something that is healthy, and inexpensive??? So far I'm at a loss.

I'm going to make pizza tonight, which isn't super healthy, but it is inexpensive with home made dough and left over pork. At least I know that Marshal will eat it and hubby will like it too. I'll need to do some extra exercising.

Any ideas for easy to make recipes for a picky family?

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