Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's Not Just Overtime

When most husband's are late coming home it's because they have a project or they volunteered for extra hours.

When my hubby, and thousands of other law enforcement officers out there, isn't home on time it is an immediate cause for stress.

Is he okay? When will he be home? Is he hurt? Or worse?

Besides the inconvenience of it (I'm such a planner that it always bugs me when my schedule is off) the fear is very real every time he's late coming home.

Monday he was over three hours late. Thankfully right at the end of his shift he sent me a text warning me. He learned very early that if he didn't warn me in some way I would freak out. He has even had Radio call me when his cell phone was dead and traffic was really bad.

The worst is when he's working night shift and I wake up when I know he should be home and he isn't. He doesn't call in those cases ... anymore. I guess I'm a hypocrite because he called me once at 3 in the morning and I yelled at him. But he was just doing what I wanted...letting me know he was late. *grin*

We've been married ten years this year in August and we've gotten these kinks figured out, but that doesn't mean I don't still get worried when the unexpected comes up.

So when you see a Law Enforcement Office out there, please remember that he has a family who misses him (or her) and wants them to come home safe and sound.

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