Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Down to $48 and 1 1/2 weeks

Saturday was shopping day. I'd planned my recipes for the week, scanned the ads, printed my coupons, and made my list. It was a long Saturday starting with dropping Marshal off at his nanny's house. I just couldn't run all the errands I had, as quickly as I wanted, with him in tow.

After weight training at the gym, I headed to Target to do a mystery shop. I earned $13 for taking a couple pictures on my phone. From a previous shop, I can cash out $17 into my Paypal account or wait and earn more if jobs pop up soon. If I need extra groceries I may cash out. :)

I discovered Cash and Carry...they have a pound of butter for $1.77. When I need butter I'm going there.

I had $108 left of our monthly grocery budget and I gave myself $60 to spend because there was a great price on chicken breast at Albertsons...$1.99 a pound as opposed to $3.19 at Costco.

I spent $22.76 at Albertsons and $36.45 at Winco for a total of $59.21...officially under the budget I set for this trip!

I bought:

  • 5 pounds of chicken breast
  • 5+ pounds Pork Loin
  • Bulk Bowtie Pasta
  • 2 boxes of granola bars
  • 3 Hillshire Farms sausage ropes
  • Produce - onion, red pepper, bananas, 2 lb bag of carrots
  • Bulk Granola (goes great in yogurt)
  • Flour (about 7 lbs)
  • Peach Salsa
  • 2 lbs Lunch Meat
  • Black Olives
  • eggs
  • Coke 12 pack (free)
  • Milk
  • Bulk seasoning

The bulk section at Winco is AMAZING!!! I got flour, spices, granola, and pasta for way cheaper than packaged. The spices in particular are amazingly cheap...I knew there was a reason I kept the old glass seasoning containers. :)

From now until June 30 we have $48 remaining for groceries. We shouldn't need any more meat until July. We have lots of pasta and flour for bread. I expect I'll need lunch meat, yogurt, milk, maybe eggs, and some produce. I'm hopeful we can make this challenge!


  1. Way to go Megan. Too bad we don't live in a state that allows double coupon days. I do miss that living here.

  2. Thanks, Dana. I WISH we had double coupons more often. Albertsons sometimes has specials where you can double up to 3 coupons but not often enough for my taste. :)