Saturday, June 23, 2012

Avoid E-Mail Scams

Apparently e-mail scammers haven't given up. This article talks about several scams that I hadn't even heard of (specifically the Facebook hacking scam).

I thought everyone knew better than to fall for "FREE widget" if you enter your bank account information e-mails that get sent out all the time. But I guess as consumers get more savvy, the scammers find ways to be sneakier too.

Even Aflac, a Fortune 500 company with millions of clients, has had their name sucked into a scam. The scammers use Aflac's name and logo to try to trick people into sending them money in order to "claim" their prize.

I even got an e-mail a few months ago, supposedly from one of my own clients, asking for money because he'd lost his passport while traveling overseas.

Complete and total rubbish and anyone with a lick of common sense wouldn't fall for it. We all know how common common sense is.

If you didn't enter a lottery, you probably didn't win one either. Duh? Those are some of my favorite e-mails to receive...I've WON!!!!

Even I have *almost* been fooled by these yahoos. Several years ago the Paypal scam e-mail was going around ... it said something was wrong with my paypal account and I had to click on the link in the e-mail to fix it. Thankfully I never did. I entered the Paypal website address in my address bar directly and all was well. When I figured out the e-mail was fake I forwarded it to Paypal's fraud department.

Be careful. Use common sense. And do NOT click on e-mail links from senders you don't know ... and sometimes even senders you DO know.

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