Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Angel Chicken

In our attempt to live off $200 in June for all our food, I have been working super hard to plan our meals. I was not trained as a cook in any way, shape, or this experience is a challenging learning experience.

Using what we have in our cupboards and freezer has been a goal ... also challenging. We are so used to "finding" things in our freezer that we forgot we had...usually when they're past their prime.

I found this Angel Chicken recipe and didn't have to buy anything extra...we had all the ingredients in stock already.

I didn't cut up the chicken. I probably should have. I used frozen chicken thighs that were probably at the end of their life. Hubby noticed their texture wasn't ideal...if I'd have cut them up he may not have noticed.

I'm not sure if they're the same, but I didn't have anything called "dry white wine" but I did have cooking sherry so I went with it.

I loved the wasn't too strong or over whelming. The more sauce we added to the pasta the better it tasted. :)

This isn't an every week meal. Hubby did not have seconds, which is the measure of how successful a recipe is in this house. He did say he liked the flavor and he'd want to try it with chicken breast or some other sort of meat.

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