Monday, June 25, 2012

The Cash Has Been Found

I swear if my head wasn't attached I'd lose it. Hubby found the grocery money in a drawer. I knew it was in the house somewhere. Now I'll pay back our garage sale stash and I'll still have $11 left for this week.

We had an amazing mini vacation in Seattle and took money out of our vacation fund for it ... so it's a little misleading to say that we made it through the month on $200. But unless we need anything major this week we did it!

I used a lot of our stockpile in June so I am going to need to increase our monthly budget a little. But I'd like to see just how little I can spend in July. We are adding a new $500 payment to our bills starting August 1 and it will stretch us for sure.

We need to pay all our bills and start saving up for our goal of building a home. June was good practice but we definitely slipped up here and there. Hopefully we'll be able to continue to learn and increase our ability to save and spend less.

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