Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Fun at the Zoo - Woodland Park Zoo - Part 2

Read Part 1 Here.

While it was pouring cats and dogs, we waited in line to feed the elephants, which costs an extra $5 per person. And that includes people NOT feeding the elephants but want to come in and watch or take pictures. I didn't love that as my sister in law wanted to come in and take pictures but didn't need to feed the big gal. Thankfully Marshal was still free with a paying adult so we only had to pay for two people.

The elephant we fed is a 44 year old female African elephant. We fed her bamboo with a really long stick. She was gorgeous! I just love elephants. The staff took time to talk about her and described her personality and routine. It was amazing.

When we finished feeding the elephant, it was still pouring down rain but we kept going and made our way to the Zoomazium. This is a fabulous place for kids under 8 to play and explore kid related zoo science...but mostly to play. I love that they limit the age to under 8. There are things to climb that even little kids like Marshal can tackle ... and a bigger tree house for the bigger kids to climb.

We killed 45 minutes or so and it finally stopped raining outside. We had to pull Marshal away from the slide, but once we got going he was happy again. We went to the Willawong Station where you can go inside and feed tropical birds. It was SO cool! The birds are super tame and are obviously used to being fed because they swooped us even before we had our feed sticks.

Marshal was N O T a fan. He completely lost it when a bird flew toward the stick he was holding. Poor kid. I loved it and ended up holding Marshal (calming him down) while feeding the birds. Totally worth $1 per stick. We bought 3.

Marshal got to ride the Carousel. Did you know it is solar powered? It's fabulous and he just loved the "up and down horsies" as he called it.

After elephants, the gorillas were probably my second favorite exhibit. These guys are stunning and were so serene.

I wonder what she's contemplating.

I couldn't get a good picture, but the Orangutan there was incredible. He was putting his hand up against the glass and "touching" hands with people through the glass. SO sweet. The lighting was horrible though, which is a bummer because it was really neat.

We had so much fun but after about four hour we were spent. We never made it to the African Savannah so we definitely will have to go back.

There are so many things to do at the can even make paper from elephant poo! I want to try feeding the giraffes too.

We will definitely be planning another trip to the Woodland Park Zoo this year...hopefully on a day when it isn't pouring down rain. I plan to bring some sandwiches to cut down on the cost for food.

If you're in Seattle and have time, especially if you have kids, I highly recommend visiting the zoo!

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