Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Whirlpool Stove Review

We remodeled our kitchen over the last few months (felt like years!) and choosing the appliances to replace our old ones was a challenge.

Our layout before included a Cook Top in the center island and a wall stove and little to no counter space...especially with a microwave sitting on the counter.

Now we still have a wall unit but we also got a standard floor unit with an over top microwave. And LOTS of counter space.

I like, and dislike, the new set up.

I love having a microwave off of the counter and up above. But it does come with some challenges. The stove is a Whirlpool and it has a ceramic it's all one smooth surface and looks really cool. Or as cool as a stove can look.

This review isn't so much about the brands and how they function, but rather just some things that we never thought of before.

First, when you have pots boiling on the back burners and you reach to the back controls you get steam burns...okay, not burns per say...but still ouch - steam is hot. 

Also, on all the burners, when something starts steaming the steam goes right to the microwave and creates condensation. So you turn the fan on. But the fan on the microwave is LOUD. Ridiculously loud. That I dislike a lot. And it pushes air out the top of the microwave...which we didn't realize. The first time we used it there was apparently still some leftover sawdust from installation and it blew all over everything.

My last "complaint" (not really a complaint - just a weird thing we'd never have thought of) is that all my pans "slide" around on the burners. With the traditional burners you set a pan down and it stays put. Now when I stir the pans move around. It's immensely annoying. I'm used to stirring with one hand and maybe grabbing something with the other but now...two handed stirring only.

Oh, and something that we were warned about, but didn't think would be a big deal - we got a ceramic cook top and were told that they are hard to clean. TRUE! Every single little speck of anything shows up - including dust. Our old stove you would only notice truly dirty spills but if even water gets on the top it shows up.

So...those are the things we didn't think about before getting this type of stove and microwave set up. Overall the new kitchen is AMAZING!!! And as soon as it's cleaned up and the finishing touches are done we'll have pictures taken.

Thank you to Kitchens by Trivonna for all the amazing assistance! (And no, I was not compensated in any way for mentioning them.)


  1. I think everything shows up on black, period. We have a regular black electric range oven and every little thing shows. It's annoying. I'm used to white, which I hate, but at least water spots didn't show. :/

  2. Yeah...I guess now that I think about it our old cook top was silver. It showed stains but not just water spots. :)