Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Gave In

Hubby has been bugging me for YEARS to dye my hair. I've had grey hair since I was 20 and it's never really bothered me all that much. It's not grey...it's white. And it's gotten progressively whiter in the last couple of years (we'll just thank Marshal for that). Hubby has even tried cutting them out, against my will.

So yesterday I broke down. I got up early and mixed the gross smelling solution ... applied it to my hair and waited. For 30 minutes. My nerves were on edge because I haven't tried to dye my hair since I was 19...and the color I chose then wasn't ANY different from my regular hair color.

It was quite a process to get the foam mixed and applied...and then rinsed out.

But...SUCCESS!!! No more white hairs. And I still picked a shade that was so close to my hair color that you can't even tell that I dyed it - other than the white hairs no longer showing.

Hubby was quite happy and even thanked me. Which I find adorable.

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