Thursday, August 18, 2011

Trauma at the Gym Daycare

My poor little boy.

I had a weight training appointment Wednesday after work. Our gym has a great daycare and it only took a couple week of taking Marshal there and he now gets excited to go (instead of sobbing when I walk away).

When I dropped him off his diaper was dry and stink-free, and he was running to play with the other kids not even worried about mommy leaving.

My appointment was 30 minutes and then I did another 45 of cardio. When I went into the daycare to pick him up they told me that they'd "just" noticed five minutes ago that he had a poopy diaper.


My son NEVER asks us to change his diaper. It sometimes is a fight, bribe, beg situation to get him to not cry or at least cooperate.

Not this time. He was pointing to his bottom, saying poo, and running toward the bathroom.

My heart dropped because I knew it had to be bad if he's running to get his diaper changed.

Sure enough...his poor little bottom was completely red and BLISTERED. Yes, blistered. His #2s sometimes do that to him, which is why we have been working on making sure he tells us when his diaper needs changing, but it usually happens when he's left in his dirty diaper too long.


Wet paper towels, wipes, and ear piercing screams ensued. I am a pretty tough mom and don't tend to flinch when my boy cries but this just tore at my heart.

I realize that there are a lot of kids in the daycare for short periods of time. The workers do not change diapers but they are supposed to come get parents when a diaper needs to be changed. If a child is wearing a diaper they should check to see if they need changing every half hour or so.

Thankfully the GM and I get along really well. After scooping my boy into my arms, and ordering him a special smoothie from the juice bar, I informed her about the situation. She actually thanked me for telling me the first time it happened and not waiting until it had happened a few times. :)

He was still in pain several hours later when I put him in the bath tub. :( He didn't even want to sit down in the water.

Poor kid.

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