Saturday, August 27, 2011

Metal Prices Spur New Products

If you haven't noticed...metal prices have kind of ... um ... sky rocketed. I have been avoiding making a metal purchase because of the price. How can I make a design that I used to charge $40 for three years ago when I'd have to increase the price to more than $65 or even $80 to compensate for the silver price increase?

The good news is that we humans are very innovative, especially in tough times.

There's been Gold Filled wire and metals for years and now we get Sterling Silver Filled wire and metals.

The difference in cost is significant. A pair of sterling silver earring wires is going to cost about twice as much as a Sterling Silver Filled pair of earring wires. And apparently they wear well and are good for people with sensitive ears.

So I'll be ordering and seeing how they do and if people even care.

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