Friday, August 26, 2011

Killing Hitler

It's interesting to me that we look at history through many different lenses and points of view.

Coming across this story about Georg Elser, a man who came the closest to actually killing Hitler, it made me think about today's politically correct, morally relative way of thinking.

This man is now considered a hero who was convicted in his belief that Hitler was a danger for Germany. Of course, we know he was right. But back in those times there were plenty in America who denied Hitler as being evil. Time Magazine made him man of the year in 1938. (I realize their Man of the Year is also about who was most influential...I just hate how they give this "award" to evil people.)

At what point was it okay to attempt assassinating a head of state, like Hitler? Who got to determine, okay he's evil enough now that it is morally acceptable to kill him?

Now...please don't misunderstand...I WISH someone had been successful in their attempts to assassinate him. He was evil, pure and simple. No amount of moral relativism will convince me otherwise.

But let's look at politics today. There are people out there who would justify the murder of a politician based on their deeply held belief that the politician was bad, dangerous, evil.

What makes that person crazy but Georg Elser a hero?

It would be an absolute tragedy and horrific event should anyone successfully assassinate the current President. Just as it would have been a tragedy if someone had assassinated the previous president. But think about it...there are those on both sides who saw these men as the devil (we saw enough puppets of GWB as the Devil). In their mind, assassinating GWB would be the best thing for the country. And there are some nutters today who probably think the same thing about Bambi.

So how does assassinating Hitler make one a hero?

Okay, okay...I realize this is a dumb conversation. Hitler was systematically murdering his opponents, the handicapped, gays, gypsies, communists, and Jews and neither O or GWB has done anything nearly so evil. But can you see how schools could teach about Georg Elser being a terrorist? I can.

He may have had a little crazy in him, but history ultimately shows him as a brave hero who sought to save Germany from a madman.

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