Sunday, August 14, 2011

Little Fockers

As a reward through Tropicana Rewards I got a free Red Box movie. We'd never rented a movie through Red Box before but I've been wanting to try it. The only issue I have is that I'm so used to everything 'on demand' and at our finger tips. It seems a step backwards to go pick up a movie. :)

The available options weren't all that great. Despicable Me was only available in Blue Ray and I was trying to find a movie that hubby and I would both like. So I picked Little Fockers. We both loved the first two Focker movies, but I hadn't heard great things about this one.

My favorite parts had to be the Early Human School scenes.

And that's about the only interesting part of the movie. *yawn* Hubby didn't even watch it with me...he fell asleep.

Thank goodness it was free. The experience of using Red Box wasn't so bad though. And for $1.00 I won't necessarily cringe to rent movies once in awhile. As long as I know for sure I can return them right away. It's a better deal than renting an On Demand movie ($4.99 plus tax).

As for the Little Fockers...skip it.

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