Saturday, August 13, 2011

Hello. Welcome. How Ya Doin?

It's been a long time since I had the urge to blog...really blog. Not just 'have to' blog. But want to blog.

There is just so much going on out there in this great big world that it is impossible to keep up and keep my mind straight. Plus, my old blog keeps getting comments on this one particular post...TWO years after I wrote it. So I figured I should really expand on it and let folks vent here.

Because I'm starting over. I have two other blogs that I probably won't ever write on again.

Casto Creations Jewelry and Amid Clutter

This blog, Offended Reality, is a combination of the two and then some. If I offend you...well, that's reality (hence the title). Life is messy and offensive. Plus, I do believe that this society gets way too offended, way too easily...about everything.

So...this is my new start. In blogging that is. I'll be updating the layout and getting a feel for things and eventually would like to become part of the BlogHer network. If I love your blog I'll be adding it to my favorites but it's going to take me a bit to get there.

We'll see how well I can keep up between working as an Agent and Recruiting Manager for Aflac, being a mom and a wife, and trying to train a crazy dog. Oh and make my jewelry of course.

Has anyone seen my free time laying around anywhere???

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