Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Get Your Hands OFF My Dog!

Busy body do-gooders drive me nuts. They think they know so much better - that I can't make up my own mind as to what is good for me and my family.

"...she wants the breed eliminated for good because there are no regulations regarding who can own the aggressive breed.
"This breed is falling into the wrong hands and the only way to stop it from falling into the wrong hands is to eliminate the breed," said Taft. "We do not control who gets pit bulls; anybody can get a pit bull. If Charles Manson were out of jail he could get a pit bull."

OH MY G A W D ... Doesn't this dog look ferocious?  (I know, I know...any dog can be dangerous. I'd never let my son sleep on our dogs.)

If I want to own a Pit Bull that is my right. A Pit Bull in and of itself as a breed is not inherently a more dangerous dog than my mutt who was abused and could have easily turned aggressive if left in his bad situation. Are some dogs born "bad" ... sometimes. But most of the time it is OWNER responsibility that a dog goes bad.

Should we just require government approval for ALL dog ownership? Because once you ban Pit Bulls where does it stop? Huskies can be destructive and kill small animals. So can Malamutes. And I know lots of people who are afraid of Rottweilers. But German Shepherds are VERY protective and can be vicious.

At what point does the government (or the actions of nanny do gooders) cross the line? And who are these people to decide that an entire BREED of dog gets eliminated? I think it's sick and disgusting and it infuriates me.

Would I ever own a pit bull? Perhaps not. But there are so many different types of pit bulls out there and there are so many other dogs who could be dangerous. I won't rescue a pit bull while Marshal is young. I might be willing to raise one from a pup. But even then, I'd be extremely careful. Because NO dog can be fully trusted, regardless of breed.

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