Monday, September 10, 2012

Kids Need Their Daddies

Okay, before I move on...I realize that there are wonderful single mothers out there who do their best and raise wonderful kids. This is not a dig on single mothers or looking down on any woman trying to do their best to raise a well adjusted kid. I think my mom did a pretty good job raising me and my brother. :)

This is about the value of dads. Because as much as our society tries to put dads down and make them seem like baboons who aren't necessary, good dads ARE important.

My father died when I was 8 and I can assure you I am not better off without him...nor was my little brother. We both could have sorely used his guidance as we grew up...and I certainly needed his influence when it came to boys in my life as a young girl.

This article brought tears to my eyes.

"Not one of the men I knew as a child would consider raising a hand to a woman. A man who would hit a woman was a coward, not a man, a nothing, in their eyes. Any man stupid enough to do a thing like that was very likely to have the other men thereabouts take them out some night and “knock some sense into him.”
It never entered my mind to be afraid of anything when I was little. Whatever bad was out there, I believed my daddy would make sure it never touched me. I can not remember a time when he didn’t seem as big and safe as a fort."

My daddy taught me to to be independent. I was a "tom boy" who loved playing with boy cousins and having slug fights. Of course, he only had eight years with me before he passed away from cancer. Even in those short eight years he had a significant impact on my imagine if he'd lived!

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