Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Should I Get a Target Debit Card?

Shopping at Target can be dangerous for me, but it's a thrill I enjoy. Between coupons and the store itself, I LOVE shopping there.

My most recent excursion resulted in several free items including air freshener, razors, and really inexpensive cleaning spray.

24850_The Shops at Target + Spend $50 Get Free Shipping on Select Items

At checkout I heard the cashier talking to another gal about the Target Visa. I don't want or need another Visa but the cashier also mentioned that you can get a Target DEBIT card and earn Save 5% When Using Your Target REDcard.

Well blow me over. I always thought it had to be a target VISA...so now I have to decide if I should switch my debit card to a Target one.

I don't use my current debit card all that much. I usually use my VISA and pay it off every month. Every once in awhile I grab my debit...usually by accident. We earn points on the Visa card that we turn in for gift cards several times a year. I'm pretty sure it doesn't equal 5% of our purchases though. I've tried doing the math but my brain just can't wrap around the math...1 point per $1 and it takes $6,000 points for a $50 gift card. Somebody?

So do we get a target debit card for those times we shop at Target or should I just keep using the Visa card to earn points towards gift cards????

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