Friday, September 7, 2012

Struggling with Compulsive Eating

My journey in healthy eating started in January when I returned from my vacation to Las Vegas. It lasted a good six months and over 20 pounds lighter.

It has now stalled and started going backward. I've fallen back into old habits and compulsions.

I am a compulsive eater...once I start it can be very hard for me to stop. Even to the point of making myself sick. Lately my sugar intake has been out of control. I'm not sleeping well. I'm moody (more so than normal). And I've been really, really thirsty.

My experience with Gestational Diabetes was depressing and definitely an eye opener. I did not enjoy the insulin shots.

In my head, I know logically what I need to do...but I don't know how to get around this compulsion. I want to...I don't want to give myself diabetes. I don't want to gain that weight back. And I definitely want to sleep!

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