Thursday, September 27, 2012

Getting Paid to Shop at Walgreens - New Points Program

If you've never shopped at Walgreens you're missing out on some great deals. It doesn't take *that* much time to browse an ad and see what the best deals are for each week.

This last week's ad introduced a new rewards system called "Balance Rewards". These rewards accrue when you make purchases but there are also bonus rewards each week for certain purchases.

I purchased 10 packs of the new ID Gum and earned 5,000 points, which equates to $5.

The gum only cost me $5 out of pocket because it was on sale and I had coupons. So essentially the gum is free (although I don't tend to look at it that way because I'm still OUT $5 with another $5 to spend there later on at the store ... getting twice the amount of products for the same money).

With the Balance Rewards, Walgreens is also STILL doing Register Rewards. So I got back another $2 in Register Rewards for getting the Blistek chapstick for $2 out of pocket.

Then I got two twenty four packs of water for $1.99 a piece and 500 Bonus Rewards. We don't drink bottled water on a regular basis. This is more for trips and our emergency stock pile. At $0.08 a bottle this is a stock up price!

All in all...

Total Out of Pocket = $6.41 (My total savings was 78% off retail)
Reward Points = 6,000 (At 10,000 I'll earn $10 rewards)
Register Rewards = $2

Essentially I gave Walgreens $6.41 and they gave me back $7 to spend on other stuff we need at their store. Not too shabby.

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