Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Making Blackberry Jelly

We went down to my grandfather's house over the weekend and hubby happened to notice some blackberries growing up really high on top of a huge Holly bush. Seriously huge. It required a very large orchard ladder to even reach the blackberries and we still couldn't reach them all. But we managed to get a nice size bowl full to take home.

I decided that it was time to make jelly. I've never made any sort of jam or jelly before but my mom has so she came over to help.

In the meantime, I figured we might need more so I took Marshal out the next morning to find a blackberry patch. Thank goodness for Facebook...I posted for help finding a good spot and hit the mother load. Tons of blackberries, easily accessible for Marshal and I to pick.

Together with what we picked the day before, I thought we'd have enough to make jelly. I'm glad we picked more. We wouldn't have had enough from the batch picked at grandpa's. But with our extra we got some juice to freeze for next time and enough leftover berries to send home with Aunt Jennifer.

Crushing Berries for their Juice

Straining the juice through cheese cloth. 

Juice ready to boil.

Extra juice to freeze for next batch.

Final product. 4 mostly full pints of Blackberry Jelly.
Now the big question will be...how does it taste. :)

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