Monday, September 17, 2012

What Do I Want to Be?

Remember having those discussions in school with your friends? What do you want to be when you grow up? At one point, all my friends wanted to be teachers. Then interior decorators. A couple of my friends knew they wanted to be mommies.

Will I be a Fireman? Police Officer? Architect?
I'm not a teacher. I'm not an interior decorator. I am a mom and a wife. Those two things are constants in my life. Everything else is a constant state of change.

Career wise, I was with a large financial company for a long time - ten years...I left as an Analyst and now work as an agent with Aflac for the last two and a half years. I love working most days but lately have been feeling such tugging to be away from the office and back at home.

How do you make a decision to be XYZ when you grow up? I've never been a person who has known exactly what I want to do. I got my Bachelor's degree and it's pretty worthless career wise (Political Science).

There are days like today when I absolutely love my job and am so thankful for what I do. When I get to help clients in their times of stress...a client had a MAJOR accident involving amputation...that is when I really do my best. I hate selling. But I love helping.

It's a fine line...a balancing act. Tomorrow we are going to go to a movie matinee with Marshal. Today I worked until after 4 pm. Friday I'll take off to go to the fair again. I figure as long as I don't say yes to too many extra curricular activities on top of work and Marshal I shouldn't get so overwhelmed that I can't handle life. Let's hope!

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