Thursday, September 13, 2012

Puyallup Fair Rodeo - Good Times

We headed out to the Puyallup Fair (also known as the Western Washington Fair) ... the largest single attraction held in Washington State, and the top ten fairs in the United States. It's big. We never do get to see everything when we go.

This year I decided that Marshal would love to see a Rodeo. I was right. :) It was a BLAST!

The bull riding is the main attraction and of course comes at the very end. Marshal was getting antsy and wanting to go "play" (i.e. ride the rides). But when the bulls came out he was pretty impressed. Even hubby (who was grouchy from only five hours of sleep) enjoyed himself.

The video above is boring for the first 54 seconds...and then it's heart stopping.

Finally we hit the rides and my son impressed me with his much so that we are going back for a redo day and more rides! :)

A Happy Face

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