Monday, September 19, 2011

Weekend Score for my Stockpile

I'm a couponer. I used to be an obsessive couponer but having a baby made me focus on other things, obviously. Recently though I've started paying more attention to my former couponing ways and making a greater effort to carefully rebuild my stock pile.

So this weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, I went shopping with a carefully written list and all my coupons organized. My goal was to save $50 on Saturday going to Target and at least that on Sunday at Walmart and Walgreens.

Couponing to stock pile can be hazardous to your cupboards. In the past I have bought things that we didn't need or never used because it was free or too good a deal to pass up. Now I attempt to strictly adhere to a need-only purchase policy. If we need an item now and I can get it for a good deal I will buy it. If I know that within the near future, or before an item expires, we will use an item and I can get a good deal, I will buy it.

So I headed to Target because they were having a sale on Kashi cereal. My hubby eats this cereal day and night. I bought twelve boxes. Regular price I would have paid $41.88. They were on sale for $2.99 a piece and if you bought 5 you got a free box. And I had $1.00 coupons for 9 boxes, $1.50 coupon for one, and two $1 Target coupons. I paid $17.40 for twelve boxes...$1.45 a box saving $2.04 per box ($24.48 total).

For my family this is a big score. I saved more than half on cereal that will get eaten within a couple of months. I now don't have to go pay full price every week for a couple of boxes of cereal for hubby to eat.

The cashier acted like I was insane and signed and made little snotty faces as she checked me out. My total savings was $71.38, taking into account price drops, clearance, sales, and coupons. I even got a baby gift for $1.12 on clearance.

I'll describe my Sunday trip in another post.


  1. Good job. I've never been good at couponing but I do know you can save boat loads of money if you do it religiously. I have heard of those that get lots of stuff for free donating it to the food banks.

  2. Thanks, Dana. We donate to food banks and YWCA when we have extra. :)