Wednesday, September 14, 2011

House Upgrades

This year is a big year for our house. We started the year with a kitchen remodel. And now we're preparing for a Heat Pump installation. Our house gets SO freaking hot when it's warm outside. Marshal's room stays around 80 degrees. We have a window AC unit in our bedroom but it does nothing for the rest of the house. I'm looking forward to a programmable thermostat and having an even temperature in the whole house.

We're also getting blinds for the kitchen and that will help some in keeping the heat down.

Since we moved in 10 years ago we've...

  • Replaced all the windows.
  • Replaced the roof.
  • Torn out the Living room Carpet and replaced it with "wood" (not real wood, mind you) and painted.
  • Replaced flooring in "baby" room...and painted it blue.
  • Installed a new gas fireplace.
  • Added and replaced various plants and added Japanese maples.
  • Added a large shed in the back yard.
  • Built a large dog run in the back yard.
  • Replaced the fence.

Phew. And this year the kitchen and heat pump. I sure hope the housing market goes back up in the next few years. With all the work we've put into the house I'm hoping it'll add quite a bit of equity.

Still on the "to do" list...

  • Replace the carpet in the master and spare bedroom.
  • Landscape the front yard.
  • Remodel the bathrooms - replace the 1980s style light fixtures.
  • New Hot Water heater

It's a lot of work being a home owner.

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