Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Son is Not a Flight Risk

Stories like this curdle my blood. Government has gotten so big, so powerful, that we little folk are seen to be at the mercy of those wielding the power. It's ridiculous.

And if anyone tried patting down my son I might have a melt down. What if a pedophile got hired as a screener? How am I as a parent supposed to say No and still be allowed on the plane? I'm supposed to allow some pervert (whether I know they are or not isn't the son isn't a terrorist and how do I KNOW they aren't pedophiles using their job to feel up kids?) to "pat down" my son in a potentially invasive manner? Because the government says so?

We are considering taking a trip to Florida next year but the thought of have a cavity search just to board a plane is almost too much.

My husband is an officer and he has less leeway when dealing with potential criminals (i.e. searches / pat downs) than TSA agents do with the flying public. How is that okay?

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