Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween Art Project - Jar O Lanterns

Carving pumpkins has never been my idea of fun. It's messy. And stinky. And just generally gross. Plus, with a two year old who knows what sort of knife injuries we'd have to endure.

So it was with great pleasure that I found an article in a magazine...pretty sure it was Women's Day but I can't remember now. It showed how to use canning jars, masking tape, and paint to create an alternative lantern for Halloween.

Marshal LOVED it...and so did I.

Start with clean Mason Jars...use a variety of sizes to make a "family".

Using Masking Tape create face shapes...I discovered after making the first one that using scissors made for better (sharper) designs, but maybe isn't as OCD as I am. 

Add one little one, orange paint, paint brushes, and an old shirt for a smock...let the chaos, I mean fun, begin.
It took us three full days to finish. Day one was the first coat of paint. Day two was a second coat of paint. Then the third day we removed the masking tape...and by "we" I of course mean mommy. And finally we added candles for glowing, smiley, Halloween Jar-o-Lanterns.

Another tip...make sure your candles will FIT in the jars before beginning. Our baby pumpkin is too small for a tea light. But the two big ones look awesome all lit up.

Happy Halloween!!!

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