Tuesday, September 6, 2011

New Jewelry New Pictures

Taking photos of my jewelry designs is the most boring and least enjoyable part of "making" jewelry. Thankfully, a high school pal is a wonderful photographer (Thank you Genevieve Ruth Photography!) and has been using my jewelry in some of her shoots. So instead of paying for a photo shoot, my jewelry is a free accessory for her to use and I can purchase some files to use on my website and blog.

I'm so excited for these. :) They are GORGEOUS and finally give an idea of what the jewelry looks like being worn. That is the hardest thing for me to convey...what it looks like ON.

What do you think???

Keep in mind, these aren't meant to be close ups or detail shots. They're meant to show the jewelry on someone. I have close up "product" shots as well.

She was able to capture the gorgeous shimmer on those pearls.

Thank you, Genevieve!!!

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