Friday, January 31, 2014

Tucson 2014 - Day Three - I Am Out of Money

It's amazing how fast you can spend money...Seriously amazing. Let's just say that I spent 3/4 of my budget for the whole trip today! I got some amazingly beautiful things but I still have seven days here!!!

Thankfully, anything else I buy over the next week is just extra frosting on the cake. We will go to mostly fossil and rock shows instead of the gems and beads and silver.

I had us booked for a new show every day but that itinerary is already out the window. I'm hoping we can head over to the Pueblo show. We spent all day at JOGS today.

I'm pretty sure that Marshal has a super sensitivity to light. He can hardly stand to go outside and if there's ANY direct sunlight he shuts his eyes. Being in Washington it doesn't manifest itself a whole lot. :) But here in Tucson he's having a hard time being outside. His nanny had to go buy him a pair of sunglasses!

My cool dude.

Mom found some pretty Amethyst crystals.

Explaining to Marshal where the crystals came from.

The outside...

And the inside...tada!!!

Picking out his very own Ammonite

Russian nesting dolls

Rutillated Quartz

Lots of rainbow ammonites

Amber pendants - some I'll list in my Etsy shop but some I can't wait to design with!

More Amber pendants.

Porcelain Jasper doubles for making a butterfly! :)

Pink Lacey Agate (they called it an official name and I can't remember it right now)

Crazy Lace Agate
 It's exhausting walking all day. Or the more likely story is I'm super out of shape.

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