Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Identifying Stones Is Not Easy - Part Two

It feels like an overwhelming task - identifying all of the stones that my grandparents collected over the years. And I don't have a ton of resources other than online. They do have a couple of books in their collection so I reference those, but this process is super slow.

Thankfully the internet now exists and there are lots of rock lovers who can help. There's a fabulous group on Facebook that is gracious and patient with me while I post lots of pictures and ask "What are these?" :)

The downside of this though is that sometimes there are lots of opinions on what something is.

This stone...

...is really lovely. It appeared to me to be some sort of Jasper and was in with the Biggs Jasper.

The opinions shared on the Rockhound facebook group ranged from...

Cripple Creek Jasper
Chicken Scratch Jasper
Arroyo Jasper

Succor Creek Picture Jasper
In my eyes, the Succor Creek Picture Jasper is the closest and looks like most of what I have of this stone. So that's what I'm going with...Succor Creek. It's hard to dismiss the Arroyo Jasper. But I have to pick one!

So many more to identify!

Eventually some of the stone rough will be available in my Etsy Supply shop but it's really going to take me awhile to get everything organized.

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